Alawite Creeds

Sources of Alawite Creed

Sources of Alawite Creed

By Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

The rules of The Nusayri Khusaibi Alawi creed were built on four sources:

  1. The Book of Allah (Quran) and the Holy Book.
  2. The sayings of Guardians, Prophets, and Messengers and the infallible dignitaries.
  3. The sayings of the Messenger Muhammed, and the infallible Imams.
  4. The mind (logic).

Each path must have signs to guide the passersby. What are the features of this straight path that guide people who follow this creed?

Quran explains these features in Sura Al-Fatihah. As such, the verses “Guide us to the Straight Path” and “the path of those upon whom God has bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [his] anger or of those who are astray” come directly to determine and clarify the features of this path and its signs and evidence.

Thus, the distinctive sign that leads to the straight path is those who walked along this path. When a believer gets confused, he can follow the footsteps of those who God blessed: Imams, Prophets, Messengers, and also righteous worshipers.

When we talk about the standing of the Imams (Ahl al-Bayt), the meanings become difficult to be perceived. Imam Ali (Peace be from him) says: “Who will be able to reach the level of our knowledge or define our degree or confirm our dignity or understand our standing? The hearts and minds confuse because of us, and perceptions get lost for what we say. Grand and fluent men, masters, poets, and rhetoricians become incapable to describe the value of Imams, also the earth and the sky cannot do that. The standing of the Imams is exalted above the description, and they’re not equal to anyone”.

The Alawite religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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Sources of Alawite Creed

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