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Master Al-Hussein Bin Hamdan Al-Khusaybi

Master Al-Hussein Bin Hamdan Al-Khasibi

Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

Master Al-Hussein Bin Hamdan Al-Khasibi (AS) was born in 260 Hijri in the town of Jumbla, located between Wasit and Kufa.

He grew up on the pure Islamic religion, by his jurist father; Master Abu Al-Hussein Hamdan bin Khasib Al-Junbulani, in a highbred family, characterized by science and knowledge.

He excelled in all the sciences prevailing in his time: grammars, meanings, statement, logic, philosophy, history, and others. He memorized the Holy Quran when he was eleven years old. He performed pilgrimage to the House of God (Al Kaaba) at the age of fifteen in the year 275 AH.

Then he learned sciences and legitimacy acquaintances at the hands of his father’s friend Master Abdullah bin Muhammed Al-Jannan Al-Janbulani, as he learned from him, provisions, interpretation, Quranic sciences, and the difference between sects. He remained with him until the year of his death at the age of 70 years.

He stayed briefly in Jumbla‏ to guide students, who came to him to seek knowledge, then went to Baghdad and opened a school similar to the one in Jumbla. he steered the science students and lovers of knowledge to tap into sciences for more than twenty-five years.

In 333 AHS, the year of entry of the Prince Saif Al-Dawla Al-Hamdani to Aleppo, Master Al-Khasibi returned to Aleppo and lived there, thanks to the justice of the Prince of Aleppo and his loyalty to the Imams (PBUT). He became very close to him and was honored by him. During that time, he wrote some books as Al-Hidaya Al-Kubra (i.e. The Grand Guidance) and Al-Maeda (i.e. The Table), presented them to the Prince.

 He passed away on Wednesday, on the fourth of November of the year 336 AH. The Prince Saif Al-Dawla prayed on him. He was buried in the western side of Aleppo, and his grave is still a place of pilgrimage so far, it is called (Sheikh Burak; i.e. The Lightsome Messenger) because the light was seen in his shrine after his death.

The Alawite religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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