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Metempsychosis in Alawite Method

Metempsychosis in Alawite Method

By Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

There is no discord between logic and religion because their purpose is to seek knowledge of the truth. We, the Alawites Muslims, do not believe in reincarnation (of souls) among believers, but in Metempsychosis.

Reincarnation means a disorderly random transmission of the soul between a human body and the body of another creature. We reject this.

The Metempsychosis is the systematic transition of the soul after the death from the body of the believer to another newly born, or, as expressed by one of the wise saying: “Death is a change of clothes”.

Divine justice requires that no one can achieve his perfection as a human being, or attain reassurance, except when he cleanses himself of impurities and mistakes.

This, as we know doesn’t happen in one life. After death, each soul shall be rewarded for what it has given, and it will be directed according to its performance during its association with the former body.

Human’s fate depends on his previous acts, and on the extent of his acquisition and his progress in the tests he does. The believer doesn’t reach the level of complete pureness until he recognizes and abides by all divine rights, and follows them as much as possible, and avoids all kinds of injustice. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, Paradise will be a sanctuary for the believers, and the fire will be the place where the disbelievers’ dwell therein forever.

Among the most prominent religious evidence that proves the truth of the Metempsychosis is the Christ sayings (AS): “I say to you, before Abraham was, I am”. As the Holy Quran confirms this in the verse about Prophet Muhammad: “This [Prophet] is a warner of the former warner’s” (53:56).

 Also, Pythagoras affirms in the Metempsychosis when he said: “Soul comes out from the physical body and immediately enters another physical body”. Also, Plato affirmed this when he said: “The death which is coming from life must be followed by another life coming from death”, to give the soul divine flashes in order to save it.

The Alawite religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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Metempsychosis in Alawite Method

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