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Master Abu Shuaib Muhammed Bin Nusayer

Master Abu Shuaib Muhammed Bin Nusair

By Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed


Master Muhammed bin Nusair (alias Abu Shuaib) is one of the most trusted men of the Alawites after the Imams (Peace be upon them). He accompanied the tenth Imam Ali Al-Hadi (AS) the year 285 AH and was close to the eleventh Imam Al-Hassan al-Askari. He had learned the true divine science from the Imams, so he was a continuation of the message of the Prophets. He was sent to establish the border and to provide the right for humanity to reach happiness and perfection, in the saying of God Almighty‏ “We sent you a messenger to be obeyed, in accordance with the will of Allah” (4:64).

The naming of “Nusayris” is related to Muhammed bin Nusair known as Master Abu Shuaib (AS), the envoy of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari. We do not have any problem calling ourselves “Nusayris” but rather this is a source of pride for us. As such, it demonstrates our deep cultural roots and our association with the Imams (Peace be upon them).

Master Muhammed Bin Nusair was beyond political differences. His integrity transcends all the worldly differences. In the third century AH, he established an independent school in its intellectual career, based on the ideological transcendence he learned from the imams, and on criticizing the views of deviant doctrines and directing them to elevate the word of God on earth.

This school was necessary at the time when parties and sects differed and the clerics ruled with whims and opinions.

The Alawite religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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Master Abu Shuaib Muhammed Bin Nusair

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