History of Alawites

Ottoman Massacres against Alawis

Ottoman Massacres against Alawis

The Alawi religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed in an interview with Mehr News Agency:

History records the most horrific massacres perpetrated by the Ottomans against the Alawites in Aleppo after the war mounted on the Hamdanid State in the sixteenth century AD.

Most notably the massacre of the Great Mosque in Aleppo by the tyrant Salim 1-st, due to the genocide fatwa set by a man named Ibn Taymiyyah, which claimed the lives of forty thousand worshipers and thousands of children, women, and elders in‏ “Al-Telal” area to the west of the castle.

The area was named “Telal which is the plural of a hill (Tel) in Arabic” because of the hills of the heads cut by those takfiri fundamentalists.

The Alawites remained for hundreds of years suffering from a fierce attack on them, because of the deviant fatwas of the cursed Ibn Taymiyya and his anomalous views and slanders full of lies and falsehood to get them out of religion and put them in the clique of unbelievers, and the application of Ibn Taymiyyah his fatwa to kill Nusayris and say that killing them has higher priority than killing Jews and Christians!!

Four centuries after Ibn Taymiyyah, another man, Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Najdi, emerged from the land of Hejaz, who revived those fatwas and dead opinions, with new additions more anomalous and stranger than what was Ibn Taymiyyah on. Again, he reignited the flames of dead sedition against the Alawites and began to declare his anomalous beliefs, denouncing our religious beliefs.

The Wahhabi takfiri way was attributed to him, and his approach was named after his father Abdul Wahab. They accused the Alawite believers of polytheism and worship other than God.

The pursuit of the Ottomans and the Wahhabis against the Alawites had a major role in keeping away from mosques and their commitment to homes, while the mosques of Shiites and Sunnis were overwhelmed with worshipers. With the days, things were mixed and the mosques became a place of murder and crime. Many massacres of slaughter, murder, and representation were perpetrated against the Alawite Nusayris in the mosques themselves.

Today, the enemies of religion, such as the Wahhabis, the Muslim Brotherhood, Jabhat al-Nusra, and ISIS, continue to use mosques as weapons depots, rocket launchers, snipers, and others.

The Alawite religious scholar Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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Ottoman Massacres against Alawis

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