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Syrian Alawite Congregation

There is a lot of conflicting and incomprehensible information about us as Alawites, especially since most of those who have talked about us throughout history have tried to defame us and to repudiates our imams. Therefore, if we review the books and sites that have talked about us, we will find them contradictory in terms of the information contained therein, and all this information is not documented, and sometimes it goes beyond the limits of logic and credibility. And if we browse the Alawite sites via the Internet, we find that these sites are trying to present the Alawites as a branch of the Shiites, and for this reason we wanted this site to be titled:

Syrian Alawite Congregation

It is a window through which we show the world who the Alawites are, to get to know them by their real sons!

May God give us success!

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